Orgelbau Felsberg since 1968

Organs have been built, restored and maintained in Felsberg for over 100 years, originally for the surrounding region and neighbouring cantons. Nestled between the Calanda massif with an altitude of 2800m and the River Rhine, the village of Felsberg lies just a few kilometres away from Chur, the capital of the canton of Grison. In the past, the security afforded by the village's location at the foot of the imposing Calanda massif has proved deceptive, however, and enormous rock masses have crashed down into the valley, fortunately without claiming any human lives.

In the early 19th C, gold was discovered near the Calanda and a small goldmine was constructed. Nowadays, the Felsberg wine «Goldene Sonne» (golden sun) is the only reminder of this era. From 1817, Felsberg possessed a bell foundry which survived until 1901 and cast more than 200 church bells. Here, too, the only reminder is the «Glockengiesser» (bell caster) wine.

In 1898 a new profession established itself in Felsberg – that of organ builder. After a few years of interruption, organ builder Richard Freytag revived this noble craft in 1968.

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