Orgelbau Felsberg

What is so special about a Felsberg organ?

Consequently, faithfully reproducing the style of these instruments is the best way for an organ builder to become intimately acquainted with historical organs. Rich experience in this field is the prerequisite for accomplishing the task of today's organ builders, especially when it comes to building a bridge to the future by creating modern instruments with a contemporary façade layout.

It is precisely this diversity of styles that makes organ building a particularly exacting creative process that demands exceptional adaptability and sensitivity on the part of both organ builder and voicer. It goes without saying that organ building on such a sophisticated level requires extraordinary precision and a concerted effort in all areas, both artistically and technically. But this is the price we have to pay to create organs that will permit future generations to recognise and appreciate the distinctive character of each of these instruments. Thanks to their diversity and quality, the instruments built by FELSBERG organ builders certainly form part of this rich tapestry of enduring and distinctive individual characters.

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